Lewis Wickwar

Lewis Wickwar is a filmmaker and freelance Arts Educator with a strong track record in community arts.

He uses film and video techniques to engage groups of all ages and abilities, with a particular focus on collaboration and advocacy.

Over the years he has made films with people of all ages and abilities. He works as collaboratively and informally as possible, using equipment that is accessible and tactile. Acknowledging that the film industry is a competitive place, Lewis offers an opportunity for beginners to explore the medium in a freer, less pressured environment where there’s room for trial and error. He encourages people to mix film, animation and special effects techniques to express themselves and enjoy seeing what weird and wonderful results they can come up with.

Lewis has worked on a wide-range of Arts projects and events in Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond over the last ten years, for organisations including Creative Arts East, Suffolk Artlink, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, the British Film Institute and The Roundhouse.